Is It Worth Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney?

There is no going around the fact that personal injuries are life-changing experiences. Many stressful things come along with it on top of the physical manifestations of the event. There is the emotional toll from the entire experience, the financial repercussions like medical costs, loss of earning potential and lost wages, and inability to work. Most importantly, the complex navigation of insurance claims of a personal injury lawsuit.

It is almost next to impossible for most of us to figure out how to file these types of claims on our own due to the complex nature of the law. This is why it is, more often than not, in your best interest to find a personal injury attorney to act on your behalf. 

Personal injury lawyers are not only legal guides to your insurance claims, but they are also genuine advocates of helping you make the most of your claims in the world of complicated legalities. Other benefits of hiring an accident attorney are: 

Adept Legal Knowledge

With an injury attorney’s legal expertise, you are safe from making amateur mistakes. They have a mastery of personal injury laws, proper legal procedures, and regulations. They possess the experience to properly assess your case, find out liabilities, prove negligence, and make it possible for you to seek compensation at the maximum that you deserve from the insurance company.

Take for example something as simple as seeking medical care as soon as possible after an accident. It could already be a thought that initially crossed your mind but did not pursue it because you did not think your experience was all that bad. Medical care is crucial for the sake of not only your health but also for your case documentation.

Not seeking medical care promptly makes it possible for the other side to argue that you weren’t hurt as much and you are only entitled to a small amount of compensation for your injury. With an accident lawyer on your side, you can fully understand your rights and your options and there is the assurance that you are legally safe and protected. 

Connection to Reliable, Vetted Medical Providers

It is not unusual to experience difficulty in finding a medical provider willing to give victims the needed care in fear of being involved in litigation in some cases. With an experienced personal injury lawyer, you can be confident that they will put your health as a priority. 

Seasoned accident lawyers who litigate cases are familiar with the experts that the insurance companies hire to pick on your treatment. At our firm we prepare in advance to dispute their arguments. In addition, we are aware that not everyone has health insurance and can not afford the expensive cost of medical care.  Also, we understand that the insurance company representing the at fault party will not pay for your medical care upfront. Therefore, we will help communicate with the providers to make sure you get the reasonable and necessary medical care that you need.

Additionally, not all serious injuries manifest instantly. Injuries like whiplash, spinal cord fractures, and brain injuries sometimes take a significantly long time to manifest. In cases like this, it is easy for insurance companies to categorize these as unrelated and therefore do not include them in the claims. An injury lawyer can help prove that these late injury manifestations are caused by your accident and therefore can help you get compensated for them as well.

Fair Estimate of Cost of Damages

Establishing an accurate value for your personal injury claim is not a walk in the park. It involves the need for ridiculous amounts of pieces of evidence for collection and documentation for a claim to be properly supported legally.

The right injury lawyer knows what pieces exactly you need to provide, to seek, and which ones are truly important. Their service can also extend to coordinating and working with medical practitioners, economists, police, and other professionals to allow you to get the maximum claim you deserve from your insurance. 

Additionally, with serious injury comes a pile of medical bills from doctors and medical facilities and even from the ones outside your health insurance network. With the help of your experienced accident lawyer, handling those bills can be easier. They can see to it that these bills are completely covered by the claim and know the workaround to avoid any possible collection loophole.  Personal injury attorneys can help expedite claim filing, insurance adjustments, and the approval process to recover damages.

Freedom from Negotiation Stress

You can be free from the stress of possibly being bullied or tricked by insurance companies trying to give you the least coverage possible. A personal injury lawyer who is experienced in the proper practice areas related to your accident can add value to your case by disputing the insurance company’s usual tactics.

Some personal injury claimants are no strangers to the experience of being invalidated by insurance companies with regard to their claims. Insurance companies are businesses at the end of the day and while they are marketed as a helpful tool for your safety, they are also designed to reduce claims as much as possible to keep their business good.

Our firm has a team of experienced injury lawyers who are familiar with all the downplaying points that insurance companies use in trying to destroy your case. We prepare for those points in advance and use them to negotiate and recover the compensation you deserve. This will allow you a better chance of getting the best possible settlement agreement to cover your medical bills and more. Your emotional distress from the accident and all the legal trouble can be alleviated with their expertise.

Peace of Mind

The after-effects of a personal injury are undeniably no easy feat. It is mentally difficult, physically exhausting, emotionally draining, and in some cases, crushing. Dealing with an experience like this with a seasoned and reliable personal injury attorney will allow you to focus on your healing and financial recovery while they take care of all the legal details and pursue compensation.

These injury attorneys provide claimants beyond legal services, they provide the most important thing of all during difficult times like accidents, which is peace of mind. You can rest assured that your case is being handled with the necessary care, attention to detail, and proper protection and diligence. Not only can you prioritize your recovery from your accident, but you can also rest easy that your rights are prioritized.

Any personal injury accident is truly traumatic and this may often cause accident victims to lose hope. But with legal professionals who are experienced, it is possible to heal, get what you deserve from your claim, and move forward from an injury or an accident. If you need help navigating a personal injury case in Texas, you may want to check out this  free case evaluation by Chalaki Law.

Work with Chalaki Law

With us here at Chalaki Law, you can be one of the many well-represented victims by our team of award-winning personal injury attorneys. Our team has a combined 25 years of experience and expertise in personal injury cases like motor vehicle accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle crashes, wrongful death, brain injury, product and premises liability, slip and fall accidents, drunk driving, spinal cord injuries, and more.

Our law firm has handled thousands of personal injury cases in the past and continues to serve personal injury victims with proper legal representation in Texas today. Our personal injury law firm handpicks the cases we represent and does not do volume work, giving our clients the focus and attention they deserve.

Chalaki Law offers free initial consultation with no commitment required to all personal injury victims. You can expect zero hidden fees from our experienced team. We do not do volume work which allows us to not contract with other companies and ensure that our clients do not get racked up expenses on their billings from this. We also use our proprietary automation software to handle your cases faster and with better results.If you’re looking to know more about us, check out our client’s reviews.









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