Our Texas Personal Injury Attorneys are dedicated to providing high quality legal representation and client service in the most cost-effective manner possible in today’s legal market. We are proud of our team’s accomplishments and experiences. We are proud of our Attorney Profiles.

Our attorney’s process and investigate our cases from day one to be litigation ready. A good Texas Personal Injury Attorneys knows the law and knows how to apply the law to everyday life. This method of practice structures the foundation of Chalaki Law and is the standard of service that our attorneys apply to each case. Where most law firms do not litigate their cases because of the cost and lack of experience, our Personal Injury Attorneys are litigators with years of experience. Civil, Commercial, and Personal injury litigation require knowledge of the current law, detail oriented and organized.

Meet Our Attorneys

Attorney Profiles: Sean Chalaki, a Dallas Personal Injury Attorney

Sean Chalaki

Sean Chalaki, a leading Dallas Personal Injury Lawyer, is well known for his negotiation and trial skills. He devotes his legal career to personal injury litigation throughout Texas …

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Attorney Profiles: Rocio Gosewehr, Dallas Civil Litigation Lawyer

Rocio Gosewehr

Rocio Gosewehr raises the bar for
Dallas personal injury litigation. She has dedicated her legal career around trial work and personal injury litigation throughout North Texas. She has secured favorable…

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Attorney Profiles: Robert Alvarez, Dallas Accident Attorney

Robert Alvarez

Robert Alvarez is a Dallas Personal Injury Lawyer with a dedication to advocating for the best possible outcomes for his clients. He has a vast amount of personal injury trial experience having over 30 trials to verdict in multiple courts across Texas.

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There are several questions that you need to ask a Texas Personal Injury Attorney before hiring them:

Do the attorneys handle the case directly or refer them out to other Personal Injury Attorneys?

Some attorneys only sign-up cases to refer them out to other attorneys. They usually do the preliminary intakes and then assign your file to other law firms to handle the legal side. You need to be real careful with these law firms. These attorneys usually sign-up a ton of people and have a joint venture agreement with other law firms to handle their cases. Our firm will handle your case from the beginning all the way through. In some occasions, if you are not in our area of practice we will notify you in advance about the possibilities of a referral to other law firms.

Do the attorneys consider any alternatives to a trial?

Every lawyer should review with their clients the possibility of a negotiated resolution before trial. Not every case should be taken to trial. Litigation is a lengthy and expensive process, and all alternatives should be considered before litigating a case.

Does your attorney practice in the field that you are hiring them for?

You do not go to Best Buy to buy clothes. You should not hire an attorney that has little knowledge or background in the area of the law you are seeking. A lawyer who practices in the required area of law can often save you time and money. You want to interview your attorney as if you are the CEO of the company and you are hiring your next employee.

Are the attorneys available to meet, engage, and interact with you as their clients?

You want a lawyer who is available to you. In most large law firms, the staff runs and manages cases without the attorney getting involved. You want a lawyer that is willing to meet, engage, investigate and interact with you whenever needed.

What are the Attorney fees and expenses?

The Attorneys should provide in detail their fees and expenses. They should not promise you any results. They should explain to you the detail of your case and the possibilities of outside charges such as expert fees, depositions fees, mediation fees, medical expenses.

How many cases do they sign up and handle annually?

Most high volume law firms don’t pay close attention to the case. It is important that your selection control the appropriate amount of claims to provide Quality Legal Services to their client.