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A Winning Response

The winning response should:

  • be easy to read and comprehend,
  • include practical, actionable advice or tips, and
  • be well-thought out and organized.

Tips For a Winning Response

  • Formatting and case setting are important. Do not submit your essay in one large block of text. White space can be your friend. Don’t use a strange font or colors. Use the same professionalism as if this was a job application. Also, typing in ALL CAPS can result in your submission of being declined.
  • Just say “no” to emojis, abbreviations such as “LOL,” and the use of emoticons.
  • Leave sarcasm at the door. Your intent and the perception by the reader can often be two entirely different things. Tone cannot be “heard” in a written essay. Avoid the use of it. Be clear, concise and direct in your writing.
  • Send from a professional email address. We have received an application from “[email protected]” If you need to, create a new email address with Gmail for your scholarship submissions.
  • Be clear and direct in your writing and application. We receive a lot of requests and just like a job interview; you need to “stand out” from the crowd in a positive way. Poor writing, sentence structure, rambling paragraphs, creative punctuation, etc. are fast tickets to the rejection pile.
  • Proofread your essay and application out loud. Yes, read it out loud slowly. You may notice problems you didn’t catch before, and if you get stuck reading, that means the sentence structure has an issue. Rewrite it because chances are when we read it we will get stuck too.

Best wishes,

The Chalaki Law Team