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Happy New Year’s Freeze

Another ice-day right before the new year. If you were just involved in an accident because of the pre-new year storm, don’t worry, call us, and we make your new year a better year.

Here are some tips on what to do in the meantime:
  1. If you were hurt, get immediate medical attention.
  2. Take a lot of pictures of the collision, both vehicles, the scene of the accident, and your injuries.
  3. Wait until you talk to an attorney before you make an insurance claim with the insurance company.
  4. Go home be safe, enjoy your new year, take care of your medical needs and we attack your problems after the holidays.
How to prevent additional damages as conditions get worst.
  1. Before you are involved in any incidents, contact your insurance policy and get collision, comprehensive, and PIP coverage on your vehicle.
  2. Be careful where you park your car. Do not park under large trees, unsafe parking spots, or on the side of the street.
  3. Try staying home and not commuting. There is no safe way to drive on ice.
  4. Be careful walking outside of stores. Slip and fall cases are complicated cases to cover in a single blog, therefore, call me on a case by case basis, and I will do a free initial consultation with you. However, if you are injured, please get the appropriate medical treatment.
Here are some of the previous issues and questions:

If your vehicle was damaged because of your garage or covered parking collapsing:
If you have comprehensive auto coverage you can simply claim it with your auto insurance. If you only have liability insurance and live in an apartment complex

Get ready for a headache. Get the apartment complex’s insurance information at all cost. They will try to tell you that they are not liable and for you to claim it on your own auto insurance. Tell them you still have the right to report and claim the incident with their insurance company. Your claim should be the apartment complex failed to properly maintain the premises prior and after the ice storm.

If your roof or garage clasped on your vehicle and you only have auto liability insurance:
Depending on your homeowner’s policy, your vehicle may be covered as a property damage under your homeowner’s insurance.

“What if my vehicle was parked outside, someone hit it and ran away, and I only have Liability Insurance?”
Unfortunately, if you don’t have comprehensive or collision coverage your solutions may be limited to your homeowners insurance depending on your coverage.

My Vehicle was damaged but it was not my fault:

“I was involved in a car accident because someone cut me off:”
Unless you have a police report or a witness that can testify to the other person’s fault, it is difficult to prove your case without having contact with the other vehicle. Therefore, your collision coverage under your own auto insurance is your best bet. As far as your bodily injuries, under Texas law, you will have a difficult time claiming your injuries under UM/UIM coverage because there was no contact. However, there are various cases where contact can be established through other methods, call the office for a free initial consultation and I will discuss your options.

“I was involved in a car accident with median, wall, or a pole:”
Collision coverage claim under your own auto insurance is your best option unless you feel like there was a default on the premises.

“I was involved in a car accident while at work or within the scope of my employment:”
You can make a worker’s compensation claim with a worker’s compensation attorney. Call our office and we will discuss your rights.

“I was in a car accident with another vehicle, and it was not my fault:”
Go to to obtain additional information. Read our previous blogs. Or Simply call the office at 972-793-8500 for a free initial consultation with the Dallas Car Accident Lawyer. The injury lawyer of Dallas is here to evaluate your case appropriately and discuss your rights and options. You can also email us with additional questions from our website.

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