There is no amount of financial compensation that could possibly make up for the wrongful death of a loved one. There is nothing that can be done to turn back the clock and prevent an incident from occurring in the first place. But by talking with Dallas Wrongful Death Lawyer at Chalaki Law and seeking justice on your lost loved one’s behalf, you may be able to experience much-needed peace of mind in knowing that something has been done.

A Dallas Wrongful Death Lawyer Speaks out

I vividly remember the first time I signed up my first wrongful death case.

Dallas Wrongful Death Lawyer

A mother of 2 had just lost her 23 year old son to a motorcycle accident. I read several articles on how to approach the situation with the understanding of the mother’s feelings and pain. As soon as I saw her, she looked at me and said you seem more nervous than I am. I told her I handle any legal case without fear and I attack the situation head on and know how to get results. However, I am not a mother and do not know how it feels to lose a son. I know that there is nothing I can say that would fix the situation or make you feel better. I know all I can do is listen to you and hope that I am worthy of your trust. Your son’s case is worth a lot of money but, I know you are not here for that. I do not want you to think that I am here for that either. I just do not want to say anything that would upset you. So I am real nervous to make sure you do not leave my office unhappy.

She immediately hugged me and said, “you remind me of my son.” For the next 3 hours I listened to her story. I called her the next day and visited her house and spent an hour in her son’s room. The next two days I interviewed his friends, relatives and investigated the scene of the collision. I remember every detail of that case like it was yesterday. To this day I am still nervous when I meet a client who lost a family member. I wrote this article to give you a better understanding of how wrongful death cases are handled.

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Representing the Surviving Family Members

A Wrongful Death Attorney with Chalaki Law can meet with you to conduct an initial case review. At this time, you can go over the circumstances of the event that led to the death of your spouse, child, parent or loved one and determine against what party you may be able to take legal action.

Each wrongful death case has a different value based on the member of the family that passed away. For example, a loss of a father who provides for his family is determined based on his financial contribution to the family, loss of consortium, loss of future contribution and care, loss of love and care for his children, his funeral cost and expense, and more.

Wrongful death cases require extensive experience in understanding insurance law, understanding the estates damages, and litigation experience to obtain the proper compensation for the family members due to the wrongful death of their loved one.

Our Wrongful Death Lawyer represent families of victims throughout the greater Dallas/Fort Worth area in all types of case. Any of these cases may stem from negligence, intentional wrongdoing or perhaps strict liability. By evaluating your case and talking about your options, we can work to determine who can be held legally accountable.