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The trucking industry can be very strenuous and exhausting for 18 Wheeler truck drivers. The industry and their drivers are under tremendous pressure to push the limits of endurance and the law in order to make a profit. As a result, when a Truck Accident occur, our Dallas Truck Accident Lawyer can trace the negligence of the truck company and/or the driver to rule violations or other safety issues.

In 2014, 3,978 large trucks and buses were involved in fatal crashes1

Truck accidents could be caused by several factors including but not limited to:

Pressure on the Commercial Carrier

Dallas Truck Accident Lawyer

There is a tremendous amount of pressure on the trucking companies to cover high fixed business costs. They are confronted with sharp swings in the price of diesel fuel, economic downturns, lost contracts, mechanical breakdowns and employee theft. In addition, the companies are subject to huge loss whenever something goes wrong. Nevertheless, they have to pay employees, insurance, taxes, State regulations, permits, licenses, and fees, whether the truck is on the road or sitting at the truck stop. In order to turn a profit, 18 Wheeler truck companies lower their exposure to such cost by cutting corners. Such shortcomings lead to violations of rules, regulations and safety issues.

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Pressure on Drivers

  • Truck Driver’s Fatigue and Error – 18 Wheeler Truck driver’s fatigue and error is one of the most common causes of truck accidents. There are rules and regulations that govern the number of hours a truck driver can be on the road, but because many truck drivers are compensated by the mile or load, they often push the limits of the law. In addition, many truck drivers may be impaired from drinking or using drugs to stay awake.
  • Defective Truck Parts – 18 Wheeler Truck drivers are obligated to perform pre-trip and post-trip inspections. Because pre-trip and post-trip inspections are two areas often neglected by drivers, they can be fertile grounds for discussion in cases involving mechanical failure. In addition, failing to implement and follow preventative maintenance program usually leads to maintenance issues. Examples of defective truck parts include but not limited to tire blowouts, poor brakes, and wheel offs.
  • Excessive Speed – Due to the truck’s/trailer’s weight, they do not stop as quickly as cars. A 40 ton truck traveling at 70 mph will need over 600 feet to stop. Therefore trucking collisions are more severe in damages and injuries than a car collision.
  • Blind Spots and Wide Turns – Trucks/Trailers have large blind spots located on the sides, the rear, and front of the truck. Many trucking accidents occur because the truck drivers do not see the automobiles in their blind spots. Trucks require a wide berth to make turns. Many collisions are caused by a truck driver who does not see a car when making a turn or the car who tries to pass a truck when it swings wide to make the turn.
  • Jackknife and rollovers – Large tractor trailers have a high center of gravity, and a load imbalance makes this problem even worse. When a big rig starts moving sideways in a skid, it is very easy for the load weight to overcome all efforts of the driver. At that point the brakes stop the wheels from moving forward and the top load causes the trailer’s rollover.

Our Dallas truck accident lawyer focuses on the parties who are potentially liable for the collision. Failure to include a partially responsible party in your lawsuit could affect your ability to receive sufficient compensation for your injuries and/or losses. Unlike a car accident, in which the driver is usually the owner of the vehicle and potentially the only party liable for the accident, a trucking accident can have multiple responsible parties, including the 18 wheeler truck driver, truck cab owners, truck trailer owners, truck loaders, or trucking companies.

As explained above, trucking regulations are complex set of laws, which requires comprehensive amount of knowledge about the trucking industry. It is important that that all evidences are preserved, proper investigation is conducted by an expert immediately after the collision, and all responsible parties to the lawsuit are identified immediately.

Whether you were involved in a truck accident or lost a loved one in a truck accident, we care to investigate and consult with you on your loss. We understand that no monetary compensation can adequately replace the loss of your loved ones, but the person who violated their contractual obligation to the safety of others on the road needs to pay for breach of their obligations.

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If you were involved and injured in a truck accident, or have any questions concerning Texas trucking laws, contact our Truck Accident attorney at Chalaki Law today. At our law office, our goal is to protect you before the incident, protect your rights after the incident.

1 Source Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Large Truck and Bus Crash Facts 2014