Construction Accident Attorney – Liability and Potential Lawsuits

If you’ve been injured on a construction site, was it truly just an accident or were you hurt by someone’s negligence? It’s important to call our Dallas Construction Accident Attorney as soon as possible who will assess the situation and examine all aspects of the case.

Helping Hardworking Americans Recover Fair Compensation

As one of America’s biggest employment sectors, the construction industry employs over a million hardworking citizens and residents. From residential projects to civil engineering contracts, carpenters, engineers, and architects, and countless other workers are put to work on a daily basis. While the ndustry has successfully provided jobs to many, it is also known to be one of the most dangerous sectors in which to work.

Despite the dangerous nature, construction workers are still provided legal avenues to secure compensation in the event of a construction accident injury.  From workers’ compensation to personal injury lawsuits, our construction accident lawyer at Chalaki Law is there to help with it all. Our reputable construction accident attorneys are ready to assist with your case.