Your SUV Rollover Accident Attorney at Chalaki Law appreciate the details of the chain of responsibility of your dangerous Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) and divulge the error that unraveled the unnecessary and extensive catastrophe of your SUV rollover.

Dallas SUV Rollover Accident Attorney

Many assume and are accustomed to the safety of an SUV due to the superior size in comparison to smaller vehicles. However, the higher center of gravity, excess weight, and other contributing factors can undermine the stability of the vehicle. Vehicle rollovers can manifest a detrimental, and sometimes fatal situation for it’s victims. Those who are affected by SUV rollovers often find themselves left with an overwhelming amount of physical or emotional injuries, accompanied by monetary damages that can create a difficult situation for a substantial period of time, or possibly the rest of their lives.

What are the causes of SUV Rollover Accident?

Any vehicle can roll over, but the modern SUV was designed and manufactured with structural flaws that allow for a high risk and statistics of rollovers. Regardless of the substantial statistical evidence exploiting these structural errors, manufacturers have neglected to address and fix these issues.

The emotional and financial burden of tending to the physical and monetary damages caused by your avoidable SUV rollover deserves proper representation and a legal counsel that strongly represents your pain and sufferings to not only earn your deserved compensation, but to provide a financial and moral obligation to the responsible party to take the proper action to prevent this unfortunate catastrophe to strike other families.

These SUV structural flaws include but are not limited to:

  • Higher center of gravity – The structure of the modern SUV is top-heavy; with the high height of the vehicle supported by a base with a narrow width. The top-heavy nature of the SUV provides a higher center of gravity and makes the vehicle more probable to rollover; especially when turning or traveling at high speeds.
  • Poor Roof Construction – The roof of the modern SUV exhibits a lack of protection, and often a complete absence of a roll-bar. This deficiency of safety has the grave potential to escalate the injuries of those in the SUV. The passengers, as well as the driver, has a much greater likelihood of slamming their heads against the ceiling as it is turning over, leading to severe, and often detrimental injuries including grave brain or spinal cord injuries. The poor roof construction also contributes to a higher odds that a occupant be thrown from the vehicle, often furthering the severity of the injuries that the occupant suffers from.
  • Added Weight – Due to the SUV’s capability to carry heavy loads, the added weight contributes to the lack of stability. In order to support larger weight, the SUV is a heavier vehicle in contrast with other cars. This excess weight above the center of gravity creates a higher likelihood of rollovers.

Legal Action following an SUV Rollover Accident

SUV rollover accidents often result in the devastating injures of the occupants in the vehicle. The aforementioned flaws the modern SUV can escalate a devastating injury to a detrimental one. The following injuries are common results of SUV rollovers and create a painful, emotional, and financially difficult situation for it’s victims:

  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • Brain Injury
  • Back Injury
  • Cervical Neck Fractures

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is the party responsible for sustaining sound and safe standards for vehicles, that SUV vehicles all too often do not meet; demanding an overflow of vehicle recalls. The unsafe nature of SUV’s can often be attributed to product liability, commonly finding the manufacturer at fault. As the doctrine of product liability demands, the chain of responsibility must be followed in order to determine the point in which the flaws were carelessly made; whether that be a design, manufacturing, or a warning defect.