Businesses and individuals must, on occasion, pursue and defend a wide-range of commercial claims, from contract disputes to expedited requests for injunctive relief to product liability litigation, mediation and arbitration. Our Business Litigation Lawyers at Chalaki Law, comprises of highly experienced and talented trial attorneys. They can proceed to trial or engage in other forms of alternative dispute resolution in any case. We have built an extensive record of service and success, and have a reputation for looking for and creating opportunities for business-minded solutions. Our firm regularly counsels clients on how to parlay the litigation triggers of today into a better and more productive tomorrow with advice aimed at preventing commercial disputes. However, we are ready to utilize our courtroom experience to protect our clients’ interests in a manner that is consistent with their existing business objectives.

Our commercial or business litigation clients span every industry and include major corporations to emerging businesses, educational and research institutions, municipalities and government agencies, nonprofits, charitable organizations, industry executives and high-net-worth individuals. Many of clients are located in Texas particularly the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. We strive to earn our first-time clients’ trust while we reaffirm and strengthen our relationships with the many returning clients.

Our commercial litigation lawyer is keenly aware of the importance of understanding our clients’ needs and business objectives. We develop an initial strategy in consultation with each client. Then we implement that strategy while monitoring the case’s developments to test whether different tactics might further optimize the outcome. Our attorneys regularly leverage technology to ensure thorough preparation and maximize efficiency. We also understand the importance of communicating clearly with our clients about the status and budget of matters. The business / commercial litigation lawyers at the Law Office of Sean Chalaki will protect your rights and represent you or your business with diligences and dedication.