A Personal Injury Attorney Explains: What are some of the Tricks Insurance Companies use?

The Personal Injury attorney that you hire is aware of the tricks and tactics that insurance companies use to lower the compensation for your damages. In addition, when you have a Personal Injury attorney you don’t have to worry about anything except receiving the medical treatment that you need. There is nothing more important than recovering from your injuries. Furthermore, the personal injury attorney makes sure you are fully compensated for your lost wages, loss of consortium, expenses, medical cost, dismemberment, disfigurement, and any permanent injuries that you may have suffered.

Our Personal Injury attorneys are trained and practicing litigators to fight the insurance companies all the way through a trial to make sure that you are not taken advantage of the Insurance Companies tricks and tactics.

In addition, they want you to believe that laws of physics do not apply to a car collision. (Accident, why not call it an accident. Learn More.) The insurance defense counsel will get up and show the jury pictures of two vehicles with minimum vehicle damage. However, at no point, they will explain to you that each vehicle is structured and made up of different materials. For example, if you were to rear-end a Rang Rover with a Toyota Corolla, you will barely see a scratch on the Rang Rover while the Corolla looks like it got hit by a tank. While most of the new vehicles today are built to observe the impact, there is no vehicle out there that will prevent the impact from transferring to the passengers. That is why all cars have airbags, seat belts, head rests, bumper reinforcements to minimize the impact, it does not fully observe it.