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John Peter Smith Hospital

What Is A Level 1 Trauma Care?

Level 1 trauma care refers to the highest level of specialized medical care available for treating patients with severe and life-threatening injuries. It designates a hospital or medical center that has the resources, facilities, and expertise to provide comprehensive trauma care around the clock.

Level 1 trauma centers are equipped with a wide range of medical specialists, including trauma surgeons, emergency physicians, anesthesiologists, radiologists, and critical care nurses. There facilities and program are capable of handling the most critical and complex cases, such as multiple traumatic injuries, severe burns, spinal cord injuries, and head trauma.

In addition to having highly skilled medical staff, Level 1 trauma centers have advanced diagnostic tools, operating rooms, intensive care units, and immediate access to specialized services like neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery, and pediatric surgery. They also have strong connections with emergency medical services (EMS) to ensure timely transportation and seamless coordination of care.

The goal of Level 1 trauma care is to provide rapid assessment, resuscitation, and definitive treatment to trauma patients. These centers prioritize a multidisciplinary approach, incorporating trauma teams that work collaboratively to stabilize patients, prevent further injuries, and initiate the necessary interventions of medicine or care for the best possible outcomes.

John Peter Smith Hospital is a level 1 trauma center among other hospitals located in Dallas, yet still classified as a Dallas trauma center. It is also the only level 1 trauma center in Tarrant County. For over ten years the team has provided exceptional care to those injured in an accident and other victims of critical injuries. In addition to providing trauma care to the Tarrant County residents, it also provides care for those who cannot afford to pay, building an equal opportunity for everyone to receive the care they deserve when they need it most. 

What Makes JPS Hospital Great?

The average number of patients (per bed) seen in their emergency department on a yearly basis is about 1,600. JPS Hospital site in Fort Worth averages over 2,200 patients per bed per year. Efficiency and communication of the best quality are two major factors that lead to the nearly 140 percent difference.

A mobile clinic on the streets for the homeless population also administers medicine. Utilizing this mobile method of care, patients receive care that they otherwise would seek in ERs. Again, this allows better utilization of the ER for true emergencies and life-threatening situations.

According to the Washington Monthly Magazine in July 2020, the Health Network was named the best hospital site in the United States. They also stated John Peter Smith ranked in the top one percent for civic leadership and top 17 percent for quality of care.

Importance of Medical Care at JPS Emergency Room For Your Personal Injury Case

Importance of Medical Care at JPS Emergency Room For Your Personal Injury Case

When it comes to personal injury cases, vehicle accident attorneys underscore that the importance of receiving medical care at a reputable institution cannot be overstated. The quality and documentation of your medical treatment program can play a crucial role in supporting your case and ensuring fair compensation for your injuries. Receiving medical care at John Peter Smith Hospital can hold significant importance for your personal injury case. Here’s why:

Comprehensive Medical Services: It is a renowned medicare institution that provides a wide range of specialized services. Their experienced healthcare professionals are well-versed in diagnosing and treating various injuries and medical conditions. They are also well praised in their web site page review. By seeking medical care here, you can benefit from their comprehensive expertise and access to advanced medical technologies.

Documentation and Medical Records: Medical records play a crucial role in personal injury cases. When, for example, Texas brain injury lawyers need the right document as evidence for your case, the hospital keeps detailed and accurate medical records, which can serve as valuable documentation to support your case and establish the extent and impact of your injuries.

Expert Medical Opinions: The medical opinions and assessments provided by JPS Hospital’s healthcare professionals, can carry significant weight in your personal injury case. Their expertise and professional opinions can help establish a clear connection between your injuries and the incident, adding credibility to your claims.

Continuity of Care: Consistency in medical treatment is crucial for your recovery and your case. By receiving medical care at JPS Hospital, you can benefit from ongoing care from the same medical professionals. This continuity of care helps ensure that your injuries are properly monitored, treated, and documented from admissions throughout the entire duration of your case.

Reputation and Credibility: It is a respected healthcare institution known for its commitment to patient care and its expertise in various medical specialties. When presenting your case to insurance companies or in court, wait times are crucial. Receiving medical care here adds credibility to your claims and demonstrates that you sought treatment from a reputable and reliable medical provider.

Choose John Peter Smith Hospital Emergency Room

When you or someone you know in the Dallas area are facing a life-threatening emergency due to a car accident, bike accident, or other concern requiring life-saving care, John Peter Smith Level 1 Trauma Center is the number one choice. Trust your care to a team of skilled professionals who value patient care and has the ability to help you. They are determined to give you everything you need for treatment and recovery. If this doesn’t convince you yet, you may read the review in their page to know more about patients’ JPS er experiences.

Address: 1575 S Main St, Fort Worth, TX 76104, United States
Phone: +1 817-702-8828


No, the creation of this hospital does not exclusively provide care for only poor people. While it is a safety-net hospital that offers essential healthcare and medicaid services to individuals who are uninsured or underinsured, it also serves patients from various socio-economic backgrounds. It aims to provide comprehensive and compassionate care to the entire community it serves, regardless of their financial circumstances today and in the future.

JPS Fort Worth is a Level I Trauma Center.

To find the JPS health clinic closest to you, you can visit the official Health Network website or contact their patient information line. The website typically provides a search feature where you can enter your location or ZIP code to find the nearest JPS health clinic. Alternatively, you can reach out to them directly for assistance in locating the clinic that best suits your needs and proximity. 

While personal injury accident lawyers can provide guidance and recommendations, they generally do not direct your medical care. Your attorney’s primary role is to advocate for your legal rights, handle the legal aspects of your case, and pursue fair compensation on your behalf. However, they may offer suggestions regarding the type of medical professionals you should consult and the importance of receiving appropriate medical treatment after they review your documents to support your personal injury claim. Ultimately, the decision regarding your medical care should be made in consultation with qualified healthcare professionals.









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