Our Dallas Bus Accident Attorney Ensure That Our Clients Receive the Maximum Compensation Possible

Both public and chartered private bus transportation are a daily reality for Texans. Most people accept that automobile accidents are a regular way of life. Some travelers hope to avoid these calamities and delays by using public transportation. However, every day, thousands of people take to the subway, light rail, or bus systems to get where they need to go. As with all facilities and conveniences that it offers, bus service can also have bad days, and that’s when you need a Dallas Bus Accident Attorney.

Dallas Bus Accident Attorney

A bus is a large, lumbering vehicle that could cause a variety of accidents.  In some bus accidents, you are the passenger on the bus, in others, you are a pedestrian and sometimes you are driving another vehicle that gets hit by a bus. Without someone there to protect you, you could be facing many years of consequences.

Common Causes Of Bus Accidents.

There are many reasons for bus related accidents, however, the following are some common causes of why these accidents take place:

  • Faulty Roadway Construction Work – Includes road worker negligence.
  • Bad maintenance of the bus
  • Bad conditions of roads
  • Errors from drivers
  • Poor visibility
  • Lack of driver training
  • Little to no security and supervision
  • DUI/DWI – Includes prescription drugs like Vicodin, Valium. Beer, Marijuana, etc.
  • Failure of brakes
  • Privately owned cars misbehaving on roads
  • On-board fires

There could be other causes of bus accidents too, but all of them call for the same action from you – to call a attorney as soon as possible.

Regardless of what your case is like, you are entitled to receive the compensation for any damage done to you. Remember, big bus companies have big time lawyers. At Chalaki Law, we’re here to protect and fight for your rights.  

We represent people in case types of:

  • Bus Accident
  • Bus Crash
  • Bus Wreck
  • Charter Bus
  • Church Bus
  • School Bus
  • Tour Bus
  • Transit Bus

Whether you were involved in a bus accident or lost a loved one in a bus crash, we care to investigate and consult with you on your loss. We understand that no monetary compensation can adequately replace the loss of your loved ones, but the person who violated their contractual obligation to the safety of others on the road needs to pay for breach of their obligations.

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