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Chastity McNair sworn in by Judge Staci Williams

On Monday, November 19, 2018, Chastity McNair, her family, and friends along with attorneys from Chalaki Law were present where Judge Staci Williams swore her in. Judge Staci Williams presides as Judge of the 101st District Court.

“This is a great day for you – congratulations Chastity!,” said Sean Chalaki, Senior attorney at Chalaki Law. “But we should also take a moment to recognize all of the people who supported her in this endeavor, which is family, both personal and professional.”

“All of the hard work has finally paid off,” said Chastity, “At this moment you realize that everything has come to fruition. This is a great moment.” The ceremony to swear-in new attorneys to the state took place at the 101st District Court.

“Another reason this day is so great is that I got to share this moment with my firm, family and friends”, says Chastity.

Swearing-in day concludes the long process that becoming an attorney entails. Being officially sworn-in to the state and federal bars represents a culmination of hard work, dedication and an opportunity to uphold the law with dignity and respect.

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